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HAIRCut                                                                                        45 - 69

Color Retouch                                                                            69 - 74

All Over Color                                                                            69 - 85

Partial Highlight                                                                        89 - 95

Full Highlight                                                                               129
Ombré                                                                                          129 - 172

Balayage                                                                                     129 - 176

Color Retouch + Cut                                                                  109 - 119

All Over Color + Cut                                                                 114 - 124

Partial Highlight + Cut                                                             119 - 138
Full Highlight + Cut                                                                  149 - 169

Ombré + Cut                                                                                149 - 220

Balayage + Cut                                                                           149 - 222

Supernatural Color                                                                     150+

Supernatural Gloss                                                                      50+

Gloss/Tone                                                                                    30+

Shampoo + Style                                                                         30 - 40


Fringe Trim                                                                                      9


Color Correction                                           price upon consultation

COLOR CORRECTIONS are any haircolor service that requires removal or reversal of tone or level. The reasoning for this type of appointment is often complex & requires a consultation before the day of the service. Consultations for these appointments involve evaluations of the hair's health, which can include collecting a hair sample for strand testing.


If a follow up is required, WE will reach out to YOU by email or phone to discuss realistic goals for achieving YOUR desired result. LIKE all consultations, color correction consults are free of charge.

Not all color correction consultations will result in a color correction service. Color correction appointments are available only after all parties involved have full understanding of expectations & requirements for this process. This type of service precedes most SUPERNATURAL color applications.

COLOR CORRECTION appointments are $100 an hour, not including processing times

all appointment notifications will arrive by email or text.
appointment reminders will appear, in most cases, 48 hours in advance of your scheduled appointment.
we require a 48 hour notice of any cancellation or rescheduling.
you cannot cancel appointments within 48 hours online.
should you need to cancel or reschedule within 48 hours, please call or text 614-499-3414 to inform the salon. cancellations that happen within 24 hours are subject to cancellation fees and/or suspension of ability to book appointments. due to the nature of our work & in order to maintain a relaxing environment for all clients, we request you not bring guests to your appointment. no person under the age of 12 is permitted in the salon, including the waiting area. we do not provide children's services (children defined as anyone under the age of 12).
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