Long Cut

Short Cut

Color Retouch

All Over Color

Partial Highlight

Full Highlight



Color Retouch + Cut + Style

All Over Color + Cut + Style

Partial Highlight + Cut + Style

Full Highlight + Cut + Style

Ombré + Cut + Style

Balayage + Cut + Style

Supernatural Color

Supernatural Gloss


    69                                            45

    59                                            30

  69+                                         69+

  79+                                          79+

  89+                                          89+

 129+                                        129+

 129+                                        129+


 139+                                        139+

 109+                                       109+

  119+                                        119+

 119+                                         119+

 149+                                       149+

 149+                                       149+

 149+                                       149+


 50+                                          50+

 30+                                          30+



OLAPLEX add on services are available at the discretion of stylist, or by your request.

Price varies on nature of OLAPLEX usage & amount of product used

All chemical service prices are based on hair density & color usage.

We do not price services by gender, however Richard is not currently accepting new male clients.


Shampoo + Style


Fringe Trim


Color Correction

30+                                           30+


   9                                                  5


          price upon consultation

COLOR CORRECTIONS are any haircolor service that requires removal or reversal of tone or level. The reasoning for this type of appointment is often complex & requires a consultation before the day of the service. Consultations for these appointments involve evaluations of the hair's health, which can include collecting a hair sample for strand testing. If a follow up is required, the stylist preforming the service will reach out to the client by email or phone to discuss realistic goals for achieving the client's desired result. Color correction consultations, like all consults, are free of charge. Not all color correction consultations will result in a color correction service, in that case the stylist will set up the client for a standard color service as needed. Color correction appointments are available only after both stylist & client have full understanding of expectations & requirements for this process. This type of service precedes most SUPERNATURAL color applications.

COLOR CORRECTION appointments are $100 an hour, not including processing times

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